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Are the Children Well? Winter/Spring 2019 Newsletter

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Are the Children Well? Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter

Are the Children Well? Winter 2018 Newsletter

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Are the Children Well? Spring 2017 Newsletter

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Are the Children well? Summer 2016 Newsletter

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Community Conversation December 2015 Newsletter

Coalition Anti-Legalization Position Statement of Marijuana for Recreational Use May 2016


Speak up, your teen is listening! Learn more about ways to help your teen make good decisions. Parent Influence Flyer 2015 

Fact/Act Parent Flyer – Keep our Kids Safe! 

Check out the latest TTC Corner article from the Tri-Town Transcript:
TTC is 45 and still going strong!

Relieving Back to School Stress and Anxiety

By Donna Davis

Parents Make the Difference

By Marilyn Belmonte, Executive Director, Healthy Outcomes, Inc. (Parents make the biggest difference in curbing teen drinking.)

When Kids are Champions

By Stephanie Meegan (Observations about slowing down and enjoying our growing children.)


Influences On Youth Decisions About Drinking – The GfK Roper Report

Marijuana: Bad News for Our Youth

Beautiful Brains

Moody. Impulsive. Maddening. Why do teenagers act the way they do? Viewed through the eyes of evolution, their most exasperating traits may be the key to success as adults. National Geographic, October 2011

Essex County DA on Teen Drinking

Teen Drinking: “The Whole Story”

Read Atty. Blodgett’s article regarding teen drinking and its consequences.

Keeping Our Teens Safe – Tri-Town Council Mailer May 2012

Making the Transition Back to School…resources!

Transitioning Back to School
Back to School Jitters

Tween School Anxiety

Countdown to the First Day of School Ages 3-5

When Your Kids Hate School

Parent Further – Resources for Helping Kids through Teens Make the Transition

Volunteer Opportunities… our community and beyond.  This list will help get you started!

200 Hidden Sparks! Check out this list of 200 ideas to spark your child’s or teen’s interests and imagination!

Sparks Activity Checklist  – Go through this list with your child/teen and compare your interests and experiences!

Parents – some Discussion Guides to get the conversation started with your child/teen on sparking interests!

For PRETEENS and young TEENS – Find out What Moves YOU!