Coalition Resources

Under Construction: The Teenage Aged Brain presented by Dr. Ruth Potee March 2017 (video presentation)

Inside The Parent Toolkits from The Partnership at find practical tips and advice for raising drug-free kids from parenting and health experts as well as real parents and other caring adults.Layout 1

Marijuana Talk Kit

Stop Addiction In Its Tracks – Mass.Gov Opioid Resources 

Opioid Overdose Prevention Tool Kit SAMSHA 2016

Learn to Cope – offering education, resources and support

NIDA Guide to Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse

Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use and Addiction – Mayo Clinic

Addiction Guide is a reliable source on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances.

Allies in Recovery – an an online-learning platform for families whose loved one struggles with drugs or alcohol.

Marijuana Update from the National Institute of Drug Abuse 2010

Social Host Liability Program with Richard Campbell – March 2012