Youth Risk Behavior Survey & Adult Perception Survey

The Coalition, a program of Tri-Town Council, in collaboration with the Masconomet Regional School District and SHAC (School Heath Advisory Council), sponsored the administration of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) in November 2016.   This biennial survey is conducted to collect useful data on the perceptions, attitudes, experiences, and behaviors of Tri-Town middle and high school aged youth who attend Masconomet with the intention of identifying strengths and opportunities as well as areas of concern.  The data collected will inform and support current and future actions and programming of the Tri-Town Council and The Coalition and is available to the schools to inform school as well as other community-based programs, projects and curriculum.   The data is categorized and summarized below.

In updating the survey for the 2016 cycle, the Coalition’s Data Assessment Committee and Masconomet administrators were ever mindful of the messaging of the survey questions.  Significant efforts were made to balance the assessment of risky behaviors with protective factors while promoting expectations of healthy choices.  In addition to asking questions about substance use, questions are also included which gather information to gauge positive normative behaviors of Masconomet youth.

For more information about the youth survey, the data collected, The Coalition, or its use by the Tri-Town Council, please contact Tri-Town Council at (978) 887-6512.

Link for more about the 40 Developmental Assets and the Positive Community Norms approach.

Executive Summaries:


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