Lynn Lyons’ Teaching Children Emotional and Social Skills: What Current Research and Mr. Rogers Have in Common … And Why We Need to Take Action Now

Lynn Lyons is back in the tri-town on Thursday, October 3rd from 7 – 9PM in the Masco Auditorium!

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons a parent brings a child to a mental health provider.  Untreated anxiety in children is one of the top predictors of depression in adolescence and young adulthood. 

The good news? Taking action to increase connection and actively teaching children certain cognitive and social skills can make a difference in preventing adolescent mental health struggles.   

Join Lynn Lyons as she discusses HOW and WHAT our children need to learn in today’s world, which overlap with the skills that Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood taught children who tuned into his PBS television show over its 31 seasons. The goal? Helping kids move toward autonomy, empathy, connection and flexibility now and throughout the life cycle.

More Information about the October 3rd program here: Lynn Lyons 10 3 19

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