Media Girls – A Mother (or special adult) & Daughter Program April 4, 2017

For Adults & Girls in Gr 4, 5 and 6, April 4, 2017  7pm-8:30pm at Howe Manning School (cafeteria) Middleton. Program is open to all in the tri town!   WHAT WE WILL EXPLORE TOGETHER:

  • How to help girls navigate the social, emotional and school pressures they face each day
  • How the mainstream media tells girls and women to measure their self-worth and the big problem with these messages
  • Breaking free of this messaging by discovering/defining our own self- worth
  • Start thinking about our authentic selves, who we want to be, what we value in our relationships and how we want to contribute to the world!

Let’s do Some Big & Courageous Thinking Together! More Info and Register HERE