Opiate Prevention and Resources

While our most recent data shows that most youth are not abusing prescription drugs or heroin, it is an issue that requires relentless vigilance, communication and education. A recent study by New York University found that 75% of high school seniors who use heroin previously used prescription opioids in a ‘non-medical fashion’. Opioid abuse and the tragic consequences that are often coupled with it are terrifying.

Education and communication are the KEYS to prevention.  Please use the links provided below for more information and helpful resources.

Live Stories from MA Health Officers Association – Tri-Town Opioid Dashboard

Tri-Town Council and Boxford & Topsfield Board of Health Rx Drug Abuse: Get The Facts

SAMSHA Opioid Overdose Prevention TOOLKIT

Stop Addiction in its Tracks – MassGov Opioid Prevention TOOLKIT

Parent Talk Kit

For your teen: Opioids Get the Facts

How can we protect our teens?

What to do if your adult loved one or friend has a problem with drugs.

Opiates and opiate abuse from drugabuse.com

Digging Deeper.  4 documentaries about heroin addiction – click on links below to view.

The Other Side of Andover 

MA Teen Athletes – Are they the new face of addiction? WCVB investigates.

Heroin Cape Cod USA – HBO Documentaries

PBS Frontline Film Chasing Heroin -February 2016

Local Resources:

Learn to Cope is a peer-led support network for families dealing with addiction and recovery.

Support Groups

https://www.na.org/ – Narcotics Anonymous

http://www.aa.org/ Alcoholics Anonymous

http://www.rehabcenter.net/aa-big-book/ – Ultimate Guide to The Big Book (AA)

http://www.smartrecovery.org – Smart Recovery

http://ma-al-anon-alateen.org/ – Al-Anon and Alateen

http://www.nar-anon.org – Nar-anon (support for families)

http://www.helpguide.org Support and information on managing stress

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence How to help a loved one struggling with the disease of addiction