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  • Meredith Shaw

Looking for summer enrichment and support? Become a virtual tutor and/or work with a virtual tutor!

Peer Tutoring - VOLUNTEER

Are you or do you know a Tri-Town high school aged youth interested in volunteering as a peer tutor? TTC is partnering with Masco's Nick Ely and recent Masco grad Caroline D. to provide a peer tutoring program. High School aged youth can grow their skills, provide summer support and enrichment, connect with another Tri-Town youth AND earn community service hours. More information and a link to apply HERE

Peer Tutoring - PARTICIPATE

Are you or a youth you know looking for academic support and/or enrichment this summer? Work with a trained peer tutor! Gain skills, strengthen skills, and connect with another youth in the community. Open to all Tri-Town youth entering grades 4 - 12. More information and a link to register HERE


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