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  • Meredith Shaw

Staying Centered in an Upside Down World

Caring communities raise caring kids BECAUSE we care about each other! In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we all have been thrust into uncertainty. And we humans react differently when situations are uncertain or unpredictable. Extended school closures, cancellation of beloved events, and a need to physically distance ourselves from each other to "flatten the curve" of outbreak is disrupting our routines and daily life. And that is hard for everyone. But, what we do know is that we will get through this by being kind to ourselves, taking care of each other, and by doing our best to manage through these uncertain times with intention, care, and hope.

Tri-Town Council has collected a range of resources to support your and your loved ones' mental health and wellness and resources to support youth from all ages and stages in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. We will be sharing new resources through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and updating this document regularly. It can be found HERE.

Be well. Stay well. Take Care.

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