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Tri-Town Council Receives Grant from Institution for Savings

Tri-Town Council staff and board are pleased to announce that Tri-Town Council (TTC) is the recipient of a $2500 grant from the Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation. The Foundation, founded in 1997, “provides a vehicle to share our success with the communities that are responsible for that success,” and strives to proactively impact every person, organization, and business in every community they serve.

With the havoc wrought by COVID 19, TTC recognizes the struggles many youth face have intensified and impacted youth mental health and wellbeing. Routines are disrupted, access to programs/activities critical to youth identity, and their ability to connect with the various communities (sports, clubs, friendships, school) of which they are part, are all interrupted. TTC recognizes that especially 11 months into a global pandemic, the toll on adult, parent, guardian and caregiver mental health can be significant as well. Juggling home-school-work-family responsibilities is challenging for many families, and the uncertainty many are feeling about family finances, job stability as well as concern for health and well-being of family members is taking its toll on adults. People are feeling worn down, weary, and worried. These concerns and intentions to provide helpful, meaningful, and impactful programming spurred TTC staff to apply for the Foundation grant. Funds will enable TTC to expand its upcoming mental health programming for Tri-Town youth, families, parents/caregivers and educators. Sunday evening guided meditation for teens and tweens, “Family Mindfulness” pre-recorded sessions with local mindfulness practitioner Sally Palmer, yoga for educators, webinars on managing stress, promoting resilience and prioritizing self care are some of the programs TTC will be offering this winter/spring to support youth, adults and families.

TTC is grateful to the Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation for their generosity and commitment to the communities they serve. TTC Executive Director Meredith Shaw expressed her gratitude. “These challenging times within which we are all living require creativity, courage, resilience and flexibility. Foundation funding will enable Tri-Town Council to offer new and innovative programming focused on addressing community needs and supporting youth and adult mental health and well being. We are grateful to the Institution for Savings for their support of our work in the Tri-Town community.”

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