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Welcome to JUMBULA!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Tri-Town Council's Horizons and Youth Programs registration is about to get MUCH easier!

Tri-Town Council (TTC) staff have been busy this summer implementing a new registration system for upcoming Fall Horizons and youth programs. Welcome to JUMBULA. Jumbula will make it easier for parents and guardians to register their children and teens for TTC programs.

Family friendly features include:

  • Creating a Jumbula account. Stores your family’s password protected basic info: address, email, child(ren)’s names, phone numbers etc. No more needing to re-type that information for every program!

  • Multi - class registration. No longer will you need to register for each class separately. Jumbula allows families to register for multiple classes for multiple children at the same time. And you will only have to enter your payment information once!

  • Program tabs indicating school based programs, virtual programs and Saturday workshops --- making it easy to navigate and find information!

  • List view of the different classes with all the details - grade levels, dates, times, fees - allowing parents/guardians the ability to scroll through the different offerings with ease.

As with any change in “how we do things”, we expect some hiccups as the new system will take some getting used to. Practice and experience make everything easier! Registration questions? Having challenges registering? We are here to help! Call 978.887.6512 OR reach out to Horizons Coordinator Beth Whalley - or Bonnie Collins - for assistance. In the end we are confident the Jumbula system will make program registration easier and more streamlined for all - families, staff and instructors. Fall Horizons and youth program offerings coming soon! Check back for updates at

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