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TTC Celebrates!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Almost 70 friends, supporters, partners, youth and their families joined Tri-Town Council (TTC) board and staff on Monday, April 3 to celebrate Tri-Town Council’s programs, youth and caring adults. As guests were gathering, Masco seniors and members of Tri Town Rock band Luke Dumouchel and Pearce Deal entertained with a brief set of popular songs.

TTC Board president Jessica Schoonmaker kicked off the program presentation with the sentiments of “all kids are our kids” and “it takes a village” of caring adults to raise a child. Executive Director Meredith Shaw shared a photo slideshow of TTC’s work this year, organized around several C’s that are reflected in TTC’s programs. (10 C’s Blog Post)

Masco juniors and mentors Taylor Mastrogiovanni, Harrison DeGeorge and Liam Stepanick spoke about their involvement with the Girls 4 Girls and Boys 4 Boys programs and the impact the experiences had on them. Taylor, who is a mentor for the Proctor program run by teachers Donna Ellis and Mary Vaughn, expressed her desire to pay it forward and be for an elementary girl “someone who she wished she could have had when she was that age.”

Liam and Harrison reflected on the fact that they gained just as much from being a mentor to a younger boy than they gave, which surprised them a bit. Liam shared what drove him to be a mentor. “I wanted to become a mentor because I wanted to serve as a good role model for kids, especially because I think it’s important for them to connect with people that they can relate to. When I was in 6th grade, I would’ve liked to have heard that growing up isn’t as scary as it may seem from somebody going through it.” Harrison too reflected on his growth being part of the mentoring program, “Boys 4 Boys has given us the opportunity to make a difference and give back to our community, and grow our character.”

Sophomore Tessa Billings spoke about her journey starting on “Welcome to Masco Fun Night” from a nervous, anxious soon-to-be-7th-grader to a confident high school leader, mentor and peer tutor. She remarked, “when participating in these programs focused on helping other people, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself. I have become more connected in my community, met so many new people, and have become more confident. A few years ago, I would never have voluntarily signed up to give a speech to a room full of people I didn’t know, but look at me now!”

Tri-Town Rock Band founding member Alex Fates, interviewed by Pearce Deal, talked about his favorite parts of rock band, “being with rock band friends”, and his favorite, albeit chilliest, outdoor rock band gig, “the Boo in Boxford”.

Caring adults can play a critical role in healthy development and a caring community. TTC board and staff were happy to recognize several Asset Builders -- caring adults who support youth health and well being through their contributions to youth programs and through building caring relationships. Tri Town Rock Band director Andrea Monty was honored for bringing forward her vision of a space for youth to explore their musicality and feel welcomed, valued, and respected. Accepting her award, Andrea captured the spirit of rock band saying, “everyone who has a song in their heart deserves a microphone.” Masconomet staff Leanne Towle was recognized for her guidance, expertise and generosity throughout TTC’s many requests for event space at Masconomet, and for caring about and supporting youth’s interests, identities and passions. Masco’s custodial “dream team” John Blais and Helder Quadros were honored for their contributions to TTC youth and community programs over the past several years. Their work “behind the scenes” with set up, breakdown and overall support on TTC’s Open Gym Nights, Welcome to Masco Fun Nights, and countless other youth and community events was a critical factor for successful events.

It was a wonderful evening spent celebrating TTC, our thoughtful, generous, articulate youth and the many caring adults in our midst!

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