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  • Meredith Shaw

We believe...

To our Tri-Town Community:

We believe in equity. We believe in justice. We recognize that white privilege is real. We recognize that black, indigenous, people of color face discrimination, racism and injustice on a daily basis. We recognize that the system that perpetuates these injustices must be challenged and changed. As an organization promoting positive youth development and social-emotional health and well-being, we must rededicate ourselves to addressing racial equity in everything we do. We must continue to educate ourselves about race, inequalities, and injustice, and have open conversations that may feel uncomfortable but are critical. We also know that education alone is not enough. We can take action by calling, writing, donating, and standing in solidarity together. Today, next week, and months from now, as a staff, board and organization, we are dedicated to doing the work of challenging ourselves, each other, and our institutions to create a more equitable world.

-TTC staff and Board of Directors

For a list of anti-racist resources, including talking with young people, parent/caregiving resources, and using literature to talk about race, please click HERE.

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